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  • Container Living ?
    ContainAccra creates custom homes out of shipping containers, allowing customers to pick everything from the paint color to the finishes. Amenities include AC, Office/Gym, Options with a Comfy Queen-sized bed, & Rooftop Access. Durable I Affordable I Efficient I Luxurious
  • How Do I Start?
    Getting connected with one of our Team members is your first step toward ordering your container tiny home. They will ensure the product is a good fit for you, Discuss your location & Provide you with final pricing and answer any questions you might have. Once you are ready to move forward, We will collect a Reservation deposit and Begin the Build process.
  • Payment Options?
    We build in four phases. We require 50% down to begin building, 25% after Phase II and the remaining 25% once we complete. If you want A-Z steps to completely design a custom model, ContainAccra will work with you to plan your development for a $2500 nonrefundable design consultation fee. Each customer will have their own interactive webpage where pictures and comments of the progress on your CargoHome will be posted
  • How long does it take to build?
    While our standard build time is 6-8 weeks, if we have units in inventory, you can receive your unit within 4 weeks.
  • Can they handle the Extremely Hot Climate?
    All of our units are well insulated with a Thermal resistant material. if you are in an extreme climate, additional measures can be taken to ensure it’s sufficiently insulated. AC fixtures are also installed in all models
  • Where can I place my container home?
    The most common place for a tiny home is on your own property in addition to your main home. Even prior to building, Many of our clients use a container home to protect their Land. later using the unit as a Vacation rental, Office, or an All-Inclusive Boys Quarters.
  • Can they be moved?
    Yes. That’s one of the beauties of container homes–there are Trucks and trailers designed specifically for Moving containers. They are incredibly strong so when done correctly, moving them does not hurt them structurally at all.
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